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Urth Newsletter 0.3
A fourth and hopefully brief little note.
I did a little web search on "Urth" and came up with more than
just the Primal Rage world.  There's way too many sites with
the word Urth in them somewhere, so my plea for a new (but
just as good) name is even louder!
All right, I must've updated the stuff or else I wouldn't
have written this, right?
        * Main Urth page a little revamped, so now you get to
                see the list of chapters for the first book.
        * Perks & Quirks got some more additions, and even more
                to come.  These're taking forever.
Well, finals are almost over, so it's off to a working life for
the Summer.  Let's hope it gives me enough time to at least finish
this Fresh Meat chapter!
Lastly, two bizarre gaming incidents:
        * Wizards of the Coast purchased TSR, which most of you
                probably know by now.  I talked to someone who
                works for TSR and he still doesn't know what it
                all means.
        * Apparently a AD&D 3rd Edition questionarre will be floating
                around Gen Con '97, see TSR's website for this one.
                Let's just hope it takes them a long time to come
                out with 3rd edition so all of our current stuff doesn't
                go obsolete.  I suppose it is time for us who've never
                played 1st edition to join the ranks of "I remember
                when ..."
That's it for now, get off the computer and go outside or something.
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