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Urth Newsletter 0.2

This is the third newsletter, and is a plea for aid.

Please check out the list of Skills in the "Freshmeat" chapter
of the Urth rulebook (it's at the bottom of

If you see any Skills that aren't at all funny please tell me.
I'd hate to look like an ass when I make Urth public.
Let's see ... what has been added since you last felt popular
by getting my email?
	* More Perks & Quirks Descriptions
	* Character Careers section has been added
		(after much trouble with HP stuff I finally found
		 an easy solution that requires very little math)
	* Skills section has the list of Skills

Lastly, to make this newsletter interesting, I just finished
filling out my 1040A form.  I noticed that roleplayers should have
a much easier time filling these out than other folks, what with
all of the arbitrary adding of numbers and bizarre look-up

12a. If your PC has an inexorable urge to swing at hobbits, check the
	box below, unless your PC is either married or dead, in
	which case you must see the Snack'ems and Munch'uns
	Players Guide page 24.
12b. Take the amount in box 12a. and subtract it from the larger
	of either box 10f. or 11k.  Enter this amount in box
12c. If the amount in 12b. is less than your Total Experience Income
	(see page 47 in the Player's Guide) then your PC is a total
	failure.  Quit the game and buy lots of Urth stuff.
All right, enough from me.  Now get out of here.

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