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Urth Newsletter 0.0

This is the first Urth newsletter, and if you get this and you don't
want to get any more write me.  If not, you'll probably get something
like this once a week _at the most_.  I am not a prolific writer.

Urth is a roleplaying game that'll make fun of Rolemaster, D&D, and anything
else out there that needs a good humbling.  It'll be free and available to
anyone with Web access.  The best part is:  Anyone can add material.
With any luck, in time Urth will expand to become a darn good roleplaying

The purpose of this newsletter is to keep you all updated on the Urth
game.  So far, the only web-viewable section is the first chapter of 
the main rulebook (and that's not even finished!).  For those of you
with an iota of time on your hands ... please regard this message.
Anyone with a life can ignore me and delete this email.

Please go ahead to the chapter take a look.  Read it if it looks
interesting.  If you do read it, and something's wrong, unclear,
or just plain _not funny_ drop me a line.

Other items of note:
        * "Urth" is already being used in the Primal Rage arcade fighter.
                If anyone has a good alternative, please send it!
                Until then, the whole project'll be known as Urth.
        * The current name of the main rulebook is simply,
                "Urth - the Game"  Any other suggestions'd be great.

That's it, now stop procrastinating and do some school work.

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