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You can probably see a trend in the materials I've been using ... I don't have enough time to do any serious artwork lately so I've turned to doodling when I can. But I believe that doodling is one of the most important skills an artist can have.

Formicid might mean ant. I'm not too sure, but it sounds better than Little Bo-Ant. That would be almost Saturday-Night-Live-bad. Actually, if the SNL writers were on staff, it'd be named, "Ant-Guy" or "Man Who Is Really An Ant" or "Let's Not Let The Ant Shepherd Joke Die For At Least Another 30 Minutes Because Nothings Funnier Than A Five Second Sketch Reworked Into A Full Hour."

Oh, and those are supposed to be aphids. I didn't look at aphid pics until after I drew 'em.