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Okay, here's my first of probably many zombies. I have this irrational fear of the undead. Or maybe that's pretty normal. I think it's pretty healthy to run when a dead guy gets up and shambles towards you. It's NOT healthy to board yourself up in a house. Or split up and explore the graveyard. Or make out. But I guess a zombie movie would suck pretty bad if the heroes said, "Oh shit! Zombies!" drove off (or just speedwalked away) and went on a talk-show circuit.

Back to my original point. I think it's a coping mechanism, because I'm always drawing the walking dead. So after being inspired by Jon Morris' Sketchbuk, specifically with a Buddhist zombie detective he did, I started thinking of a limber zombie. One that could kick your ass with style. And then spout David Carridinisms with a mouthful of brains.

Anyway, I love gesture, so here's my second attempt at a zombie Kung-Fu pose.