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R K P O S T [news]
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Wanna get an email for every update? Just mail the webmaster!
 tUeSDAY, june 29TH
    Wow! A whole year! Today is the site's official 1 year anniversary (go ahead and check the first news entry below!)! Other than that, though, nothing to report. New stuff to come, but after a pair of 10+ hour workdays, the webmaster only has time for this little notice. Also, something amazing (but secret for now) is in the works!
 moNDAY, JuNE 14tH
    A little belated with the updates, but no worries! Three new images in the Color Gallery! We're now up to four pages there!
 saturday, may 29TH
    Another Saturday update! Two new pics in the Color Gallery! There's even more updates to come. Pester me enough and I'll put 'em up before next weekend!
    So much for last Saturday's update! Seriously, though, there should be news every Saturday. And for this week: A new Sketches section in the Gallery! Three pieces of unfinished or pre-finished work, and more to be added soon!

Also, rk post sends along this message for all you greedy fans:

Magic: the Gathering Artist Proofs (picture on front, white back)
Exodus: High Ground, Keeper of the Beasts, Thrull Surgeon
Portal 2: Foul Spirit
Urza’s Saga: Abyssal Horror, Coral Merfolk, Acridian, Sandbar Merfolk, Serra’s Liturgy, Urza’s Armor
Urza’s Legacy: Damping Engine, Phyrexian Reclamation
Only $3.00 each. Please add $1.00 fer shipping OR send me a SASE with correct postage.

Art Prints
"Sugar & Spice" Alternity Campaign Kit/Dungeon Magazine #68 11x14" on extra heavy stock.
"Portal 2 Archangel" 11x13" 80 lb glossy stock.
$12.00 each. Please add $4.00 for shipping and packing.

I am also more than happy to sign cards. Please send a SASE with em.

Send all of your inquiries to:
Rk post
19205 78th St E
Bonney Lake, WA 98390

*also, I am a big collector of Star Wars action figures (the biguns and the small ones) and I am more than willin to trade fer certain items!

 SaTURdaY, ApRIl 24tH
    Well, it's been a LONG time since the last update. The webmaster (which would be me) recently acquired a time-consuming computer-related job. But now things are looking better, and you can expect weekly updates!! Be sure to check back here every Saturday afternoon!
    News for today: Three new paintings up in the Gallery! The Artist also extends his thanks to everyone who said hello in L.A. And for our Belgium friends, RK Post will be in Antwerp from July 29th to August 1st for GEN CON Benelux!
 thURSdAY, FEBruarY 25tH
    Trevor won the Name That Element contest with his answer ... the doll! Congratulations goes out to Trevor who will be receving a worthy stash of unmentionables.
&nbps;   Don't worry, the Fraction of a Million Questions has yet to find a winner, so graft your thinking caps on and fire away!
 frIDAY, FebRUary 19th
    Two new CONTESTS!!
    The first Contest asks you fans to answer five questions, simple as that!
    The second Contest is a brain-twister involving TSR, controversy, and a thousand pounds of suet!4
    Four new color pieces in the Gallery! rk post will also be making an appearance at the Magic Pro Tour LA at Long Beach, California from Feb. 26-28! Also added, a link to The Drow's Vault, a site dedicated to collecting TSR art.
 wedNESday, jaNuaRy 27th
    Four new color pieces in the GALLERY!! And the new contest is almost here!
 MondAY, DecembeR 21st
    Well, the CONTEST is officially complete. And with no winner! I suppose all you fans must be shy. Don't worry, another contest is in the works!

I'm afraid the holidays are keeping everyone very busy, so we'll get back to you next year!
 monDAY, noVember 16th
    Hurry up!! The CONTEST is almost over! Also, be sure to catch rk post at Talk City December 5th (Saturday) 5.00pm! Lastly, there are a few rk post Magic card artist proofs, signed, for $3 a pop! Contact the artist for details.
Lastly, the For SaLe link heads straight to Daydream Graphics so you can purchase rk post online!
 MoNDay, OctOBER 19th
    Four (4) new pictures up in the Color Gallery! And expect some exciting additions in the near future ...
 ThuRSDay, SeptembEr 10th
    Added links to Chimera Publishing, Eden Studios, and Wizards of the Coast in the Links section. The CONTEST is still underway!
 TUEsday, SepTEmber 2nd
    A CONTEST!! Okay all you Extra Special Monkey Cadets, rk post's running a photo contest! You can link to it here: YES I AM A MONKEY CADET. Also added are two new pictures in the Color Gallery, and links to an interview in the publications section.
 frIday, july 31sT
    Added a links to artist Todd Lockwood and the ASFA in a certain section on this site.3
 thURSday, July 30th
    rk post will be at GenCon from August 6th to the 9th. Anyone in the Milwaukee area should visit ... and grovel.
 MoNday, JuLy 27th
    Added one new black & white image to the gallery (fallen) and separated the b&w gallery into 2 pages for ease of viewing. See how much we care about you?

    As far as the contest goes, it will be the following: Entrants will submit a photo of themselves in the most unique and interesting way possible. The winner will be incorporated into an official rk post piece. When we decide on an address, both email and corporeal, to send the photos to, you will be notified.

    Lastly, an apology to Jason Aults whose name was misspelled in the links section. We were under the impression that his last name was singular. This was not the case.
 TuesdAy, JulY 21St
    If you would like to be contacted when this website is updated, please send an email to the webmaster. Be forewarned, your email address will appear in the mass-mail for any other rk post fans to read. On the other hand, this may be a good way to get connected (that is, if you enjoy that sort of thing).

    New images in the Black & White Gallery. More icky stuff to soothe your sensitive peepers.

    Coming soon will be a contest involving ... rk post art2 and, most likely, photographs.
 tuEsday, JulY 14tH
    Added links to Mike Andruch and Quinton Hoover's websites in the links section.

 SuNDay, JulY 12tH
    Well, we've shrunk the graphics to accomodate people who aren't accessing the site stationed on the Moon and using an FTL ComSat Uplink. Soon the webmaster and rk post will be engaged in heated debate over what content will be added, so expect results soon!

    We've also added an email link to the artist in question1 for those of you who wish to grovel. You can find the link in the ... Links section. In that same section, a link to Jason Aults' RIFTS page has been added.

 MonDay, JunE 29tH
    This here's the grand opening of rk post's official website! A contest will be up soon, with pictures. We don't want you reading too much.

    As you can see in the main menu, you can view some of rk post's artwork in the gallery, peruse the meager list of links (though not before visiting every last page here), and even purchase originals for your own depraved collections.

1 - rk post. Who did you think?
2 - You were expecting a Van Gogh piece, maybe?
3 - Give up? The links section, Einstein.
4 - Just kidding about the suet.