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By Brandy Robinson (Zak's fiancée) Photographs
      As you all probably know, Zak has been a lazy boy with his web page. That is because he has about a billion things he's interested in at any given time. So, being the subservient (Ha ha!) female that I am, I decided to at least change the introduction. To give you a little background on Zak, he's the kind of guy you could never dislike once you've met him. He's never so much as kicked a puppy, you know? He has been revered as a creative genius by family and friends since he was a wee babe. Disgusting, eh? I don't have a creative bone in my body, but I'm gorgeous, so I guess life has it's little trade offs. :) My sister once paid him a compliment without knowing it. She was describing an artist friend of hers and said, "Oh, Brandy, he's just amazing, you know? He just starts to draw and it's perfect. Well, you know, he's not as good as Zak, but he could be with a bit more training." So anywayz... He is into a bunch of geeky stuff like role-playing, computer programming, and, well... I guess that's not all that much. His favorites right now are Planescape and programming Quake C. I love him. We've been together for more than 5 years. He's up-and-coming, so watch for the "Zak invasion" in the future.

Zak (w/ Pooh Bear), Brandy and Jacob.

Kyle, Cheyenne and Zak