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Creating a Dungeoneer
Creating a Room
Each Player rolls their Thwack-O. Whoever ...
Trap Costs
Points Feature
1 2 Annoy Dice
1 1 Pain Die
1 Hides the Treasure
double Continuous Damage
Monster Costs
Points Trait
1 1 Level (3 Hits)
1 Special Ability: +2 Annoy Dice
1 Special Ability: +1 Painful Dice
double Special Ability: Continuous Damage
double Special Ability: Prevents Action
Treasure Costs
Points Treasure
1 Mundane Treasure
1 Fancy Treasure
1 Heal 1 Hit, One-shot
double +1 Die for Combat/Traps
1 (after doubling) +1 Die Combat/Trap vs. Trait
Notes and Thanks
A massive thanks to Mike Holmes Dan Hill for Thwack-o.