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Halloween Jam

We were walking through the haunted house. When they were in about ten feet the door smashed shut. They tried to open the door but it was shut tight and locked. So they were locked in the haunted house.

When they got into the place there were supposed to be ghosts there but all they saw was some tables and chairs. They walked around the room but they could not find a way out! They walked around the house and when they got to the end all the monsters popped out!

There were ghosts, werewolves, Frankenstein's monster and vampires!

Erin and Megan ran and ran trying to find a way out. They found a hammer and were trying to bust down the wooden door. The door was hooked together really tight and they could not break it down! When they looked out the window, they could not break that either because it was metal that was so old it turned clear. And when they looked out the window they saw a bunch of little tiny vampires, ghosts, Frakenstein's monsters and werewolves!

When they saw the little baby bunch, they ran and ran, trying to get out until the sun came up and the monsters had to hide. A person who heard noises at six o'clock in the morning came to the house and unlocked the door.

The End